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PlaysDev is an international IT-company with more than 300 successfully implemented projects in various industries.
We work for results and will improve your business's efficiency and reduce costs using only quality and proven technologies. With each partner we build and maintain relationships of trust.
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PlaysDev will satisfy your demand in such specialists as:

DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps services accelerate feedback cycles, prevent losses, and reduce delays to make your software development process more efficient and reliable. By implementing DevOps practices, you can achieve faster time-to-market, higher quality releases, and better alignment with business objectives. Our team can help you integrate testing, deployment, and monitoring into your development process to detect and address issues earlier, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and downtime.
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Python Developers

Our back-end developers are responsible for building and maintaining the back-end of a website or web application. The back-end consists of all typical components a typical user does not interact with — including databases, servers, application logic, and APIs. Back-end developers build, maintain, and debug the back-end that runs an application to ensure the infrastructure function properly.
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Mobile Developers

The services that PlaysDev mobile developers provide go beyond just coding the app. They will help you to understand what type of the app will be better suited for your business, what features and functionality to offer and what development method to use so as not to blow your budget. Our Android and Flutter developers will help you not only with the launch of a new app, but they can also fix an existing app. We offer a full cycle of mobile app development services.
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UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers solve a wide range of tasks: explore behavioral patterns, design various variants of user experience, work out certain hypotheses together with the team of developers, test these hypotheses, conduct user interviews and research, and taking into account the data obtained create an attractive, understandable and user-friendly interface that helps to solve the user's task.
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Business Analysts

А successful IT project is the result of planned, well-coordinated and high-quality work of the whole team. Business analysts are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and business, for creating new models that support business decisions, while working closely with financial reporting and IT teams to develop initiatives and strategies to improve imports and optimize costs.
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Our Results

It’s not an easy task to find specialists with the proper hard and soft skills to make your vision come alive. And that is exactly what we do for our clients. We help businesses create winning products and transform their users’ digital experience. Our team of developers will help your business to launch a mobile app or an enterprise-scale product. If you want to translate the recent downtime you experienced in money and stop spending time on finding and fixing non-relevant issues, you can start working with us right now.
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More than 70 leading technology companies
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Each of our clients gets efficient and up-to-date solutions for their problems of any complexity. PlaysDev has implemented more than 300 projects for 70 companies. The range of industries we’ve worked with is wide: from healthcare to logistics. You can be confident that your project will be implemented with the help of innovative and proven IT technologies. Since we always go deep into details of each project and will assist you from start to finish, your business will inevitably become more efficient.
For various telecom companies we have developed mobile and web applications, OSS/BSS solutions, and VoIP services. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that we deliver high-quality solutions that align with their business objectives.
Our specialists also have experience in automating many tasks of a freight forwarder for the delivery and forwarding of goods: tracking shipments and payments, as well as tracking payment transactions and monitoring delivery.
We also act as a reliable partner for companies in the financial sector, implementing projects of any complexity. We meet our customer’s needs for speed and security with scalable financial technology. We guarantee protection against fraud and non-compliance.
Playsdev’s specialists can help you develop HIPAA-compliant diagnostic software, EHR/EMR system development services, remote patient monitoring applications and telemedicine platforms.
PlaysDev implements projects for retail chains both in the field of innovation and development of e-commerce, and in building traditional IT infrastructure. We automate online and offline retail operations with advanced technologies ready for your growth and market changes.

Leadership Team

Dmitry Ostroga
Chief Executive
Ivan Bolotin
Lead Android developer
Aliaksander Melnikov
Head of DevOps

Work with a team that cares

We are a team of innovators who love to overcome obstacles and move forward. Our specialists develop bold solutions that make 96% of our customers willing to recommend us. Our attention to detail and quality is what we believe sets PlaysDev apart from others. Customers' success is always our number one priority, we share the development risks so you can implement new technologies with peace of mind. Here are our core values that help us to improve our result daily:


Our experience is that communication emphasizes the importance of open and effective communication in building trustworthy relationships and fostering leadership through honesty and sincerity.


We like to set ourselves new challenges and achieve them. There is no development without hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love.


Our team can be proud of the solutions we present since we always prioritize what's important to our customers.


We are always learning from each other and sharing new knowledge. Curiosity is truly vital for our growth.

Our Customers Say

Arina Voronina
Project Manager at CORE
We are very satisfied with our collaboration. Thank you for your productive work! Feedback on your specialist is extremely positive. We would also like to emphasize their reaction to all our problems. They always take initiative in solving any of our tasks. Your specialist works for results, not just pretends to do it.
Evgeny Yefimov
HR at Garpix
We develop high-tech products and carefully choose when we need to strengthen our team at Garpix. The Python developer from PlaysDev showed a high level of hard and soft skills during the interview, which determined our choice. Though this was our first experience working with PlaysDev, after a year of our collaboration, we have only positive emotions. We recommend PlaysDev as a reliable partner. And we ourselves plan to work with their specialists in new projects.
Evgeny Sergeev
CEO at Enjoy
We have been working with PlaysDev for several months now. Their specialists have shown themselves to be qualified and reliable workers. We haven’t had any problems with the quality of work or organization. It’s also very convenient that managers are also always in touch and ready to assist in solving any organization issues. We still continue our cooperation.
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Dmitry Ostroga

Dmitry Ostroga

Chief Executive
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