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Developing apps for Android is an exciting and dynamic process that requires continuous learning and the use of modern tools and resources. With a multitude of possibilities and features available on the Android platform, developers need reliable and useful resources to enhance their skills and create high-quality apps.

In this article, we will present several valuable resources that can help Android developers increase their productivity, expand their knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

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1. The best material for Android is Google’s official references, such as Developer Guides and Documentation for app developers. They provide the best practices for their SDK, such as AndroidX, and Jetpack Compose.

Official resources such as and Android Developers provide documentation, guides, and code examples for Kotlin development. These are present-day sources of information that will help you learn the Kotlin language.

There is a YouTube channel (Android Developers) where you can find tutorials, reviews, live streams, and more.

Google Codelabs is a website that offers concise coding tutorials for self-study and solving small questions.

2. Udacity is an online platform that offers courses on various topics, including Android development. Here you can find Google courses that will help you learn the basics and advanced techniques of Android app development.

3. Catalogs such as Android Arsenal and GitHub provide libraries, tools, and open-source project source codes in Kotlin. They will help you accelerate development, add new features, and learn from more experienced developers.

4. Android Weekly is a newsletter that provides the latest news, articles, libraries, and tools related to Android app development. 

5. Kotlin Weekly and Medium offer articles, blogs, and posts written by experienced developers who share their knowledge, experience, and best practices. These resources will help you deepen your skills, learn about new technologies, and solve any issues that may arise.

6. ProAndroidDev is owned by Droidcon, where the latest articles from Android professionals and Google developers are published. Additionally, if you’re interested in one of the largest global Android conferences, visit Droidcon. They upload videos from conferences so you can freely watch informative talks on Android, Kotlin, build tools, architecture, and much more.

7. Android Authority is an independent online-magazine that covers the world of Android and technology.

8. Fragmented is a platform where you can read articles on app development and listen to podcasts. Fragmented thoroughly covers technology-related topics and caters to a diverse audience. Both beginners and experienced developers will find useful information applicable to projects of varying complexity.

9. There are also several Telegram channels that provide useful materials for iOS and Android development.

10. Lastly, you can find a set of design patterns templates available for various project needs.

In this article, we have compiled basic sources of information and the latest news in Android development, for a more comprehensive list of useful materials, we recommend checking out this link.

Don’t stop at what you have achieved – keep learning, experimenting, and utilizing these resources to create high-quality and innovative Android apps. 

Good luck on your developer journey!