CI/CD Tools: PlaysDev’s Choice
posted on Friday,26, 2021
by Maria Kiseleva

Continuous integration and delivery CI/CD tools are becoming more and more popular. And this is not surprising. Thanks to the CI/CD methodology, developers quickly learn about errors and quickly fix them. In addition, CI/CD tools increase the build rate and quality of the product being developed.

In this article, we want to tell you about the best CI/CD tools and their key features that the PlaysDev team uses.

Local CI/CD

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Jenkins — an open-source server application that allows you to build, automate and test projects much faster.

Advantages: open-source software; the ability to use Java in Jenkins with Groovy, Ruby and Antlr implementations; at least 1400 plugins for building, automation and deployment; easy installation on any Operating System; easy to customize and update.

A large number of plugins allow you to use Jenkins along with solutions such as Slack, Jira and others. It is also possible to combine with other DevOps testing tools and support REST API for remote access to the system.

ci cd, tools, developer, devops

Gitlab CI — code management platform with multiple mini tools. Each Gitlab CI tool performs specific functions for the full SDLC.

Advantages: direct merge with GitLab Workflow; view, create, and manipulate project codes and data using branches; displaying progress data in one panel; build command scripts can be programmed in any language; provides an API for quality product bundling; automates and shortens product release and delivery times.

GitLab allows you to work with repositories, review code, and has its own bug monitoring system. Almost all build environments and version control systems are supported.

ci cd, tools, developer, devops

Teamcity — continuous integration tool. Helps build and deploy various types of projects.

Advantages: free and open source code; supports .Net, Java and Ruby platforms; easily integrates with IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual studio; checks code coverage, identifies copies, creates a change history; runs parallel builds concurrently in different environments; you can run history builds, view reports, pinning, tagging, and add builds to favorites.

Teamcity tool can be installed on Windows and Linux servers.

Cloud CI/CD

ci cd, tools, developer, devops

AWS code build — continuous iIntegration managed service. With AWS code it is possible to build source code, test, and build ready-to-deploy projects.

Advantages: continuous scaling and the ability to handle a large number of assemblies at the same time; fast work with pre-installed build environments; allows you to create custom build environments based on your own tools; extensibility; security.

AWS CodeBuild can be merged with existing CI/CD processes, for example, used as a working node for a Jenkins distributed build server.

ci cd, tools, developer, devops

Azure DevOps Server — a comprehensive solution that combines a version control system, data collection, reporting, tracking statuses and project changes.

Advantages: possible to make web applications using Java, Node.js, PHP, or ASP.NET.; support for custom language execution environments with Docker; ability to monitor assembly and output pipelines in real time; there is a compliance audit and the ability to reconfigure; you can create applications in a way that suits you and deploy them in the required environments.

Azure DevOps Server is designed for collaboration on software development projects.

Which CI/CD Tool to Choose? It all depends on the needs of your business and the specifics of a particular application. Of course, you can pick them up yourself. But if you are not sure of your choice, it is better to entrust this work to PlaysDev specialists.

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