IT outsourcing and its benefits for your business.
posted on Wednesday,18, 2021
by Maria Kiseleva

Those who have not yet encountered outsourcing and outstaffing treat these management methods with distrust and misunderstanding. Let’s try to figure out what outsourcing is and how it differs from outstaffing.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a partial or provision of work on setting up, administering, and supporting IT mechanisms of an outsourcing company. Such organizations provide a wide range of their services: from refilling cartridges to server administration. The main task of IT outsourcing — ensure the trouble-free operation of the entire IT infrastructure in the company. Relieve employees of the need independently deal with problems with computer and software equipment.

IT outsourcing, IT

3 models of IT outsourcing

Consulting. The client seeks advice in solving a particular problem.

One-time appeal. Help is practical and one-time.

Full-fledged outsourcing. The outsourcing company performs some IT functions for a specific period.

Types of IT outsourcing

Resource. The outsourcing company provides the customer with the necessary resources or highly qualified employees. The customer disposes of the received resources or personnel, sets goals for them himself. The contractor does not control the work of the employees and does not participate in the management.

Functional. The outsourcing company receives part of the functions of IT mechanisms under complete control and independently determines how much resources are needed to complete a particular project. All IT processes have a specified quality level.

Strategic. The outsourcing company gains control over the entire IT infrastructure. It is engaged in the installation of equipment, its configuration, maintenance, etc. This type of outsourcing is suitable for companies whose activities are not related to IT, and the staff does not have employees of necessary qualifications.

PlaysDev provides all types of IT outsourcing and recommends them to those companies that need qualified employees and resources, but for some reason, cannot find them.

Who benefits from outsourcing?

In the IT sphere, outsourcing services are popular in areas like: technical support for hardware and software; corporate networks; automation systems for web portals. External support is suitable for young companies, that have not yet recruited an IT department but need a smooth operation of the infrastructure.

Support in the specialized field necessary for small companies that are financially unprofitable or do not need to maintain their department — such organizations have enough systematic visits by the system administrator or remote technical support. Also for fast-growing companies, the types of activities of which are increasing. In such companies, employees may not have enough experience, in which case professional outsourcers will effectively solve various problems. And for large business with a complex structure.

By contacting PlaysDev for help, you will reduce the time spent on searching and recruiting specialists. Also will quickly get the service you need.

IT outsourcing, IT

What to look for when choosing an outsourcing company:

for the qualifications and experience of personnel; specified deadlines for the completion of all tasks; quality of performance; ease of communication; quick response to calls and accidents.

After choosing a company, it is necessary to draw up and sign a service contract, detailing the functions and share of responsibility of the IT outsourcer in as much detail as possible. Be sure to pay attention to the Service Level Agreement. The PlaysDev team is fully prepared for effective and independent work. Our team is interested in increasing the competitiveness of our customers because a good result is the best indicator of the quality of our work.

What tasks to give to IT-outsourcing

1. Service desk service: systems for servicing requests from customers and employees who come through various communication channels.

2. IT infrastructure management. You will save on indirect costs, increase productivity metrics, and will be able to control expenditures by outsourcing this process.

3. Application management and workplace support. By transferring this process, you will reduce the costs of supporting jobs, increasing their efficiency.

IT outsourcing, IT

Cons of IT outsourcing and solutions

Communication problems. With remote collaboration, misunderstandings can occur that affect work. But this is all solvable. PlaysDev employees instantly respond to submitted applications and based on the results of the work done, the customer receives full reporting.

Risk of leakage of valuable data. It is necessary to look for honest and reliable contractors with a good reputation and feedback. PlaysDev pays special attention to security. We guarantee the reliability of the data storage process. Also, we promise the prevention of unauthorized access to information (attacks, hacks, etc.).

Benefits of IT outsourcing with PlaysDev

1. A team of specialists for any IT issues. At your service, highly specialized specialists for most complex and rare tasks.

2. Service without interruption. During vacation or sick leave, we always have someone to replace this or that specialist. So the tasks never remain unsolved.

3. Reduction of costs by at least 2 times. The customer does not need to pay salaries and taxes, and there is no need to organize a workspace and provide the necessary equipment. We take upon ourselves the solution of all these issues.

4. Guaranteed quality of services provided. Our company concludes an agreement according to which we are legally responsible for the quality of our work.

5. Continuous monitoring of the state of your IT infrastructure. We monitor and prevent most disruptions before they happen.

6. No organizational issues, only the finished result. You do not need to conduct any interviews and waste time on trial periods, and at the end of the month, we provide a detailed report on the work done.

7. Turning to outsource in the IT-sphere, according to experts, reduces the customer’s operating costs by approximately 35%. Moreover, it allows the company to concentrate on the main business tasks.

IT outsourcing, IT,

Outstaffing in IT

Unlike outsourcing, when outstaffing, the client gets the opportunity to use employees from another IT company. An outstaffer (an outsourcing company that provides personnel) pays the salary to such employees. It also solves management issues, bears tax liability, takes out insurance, and replaces employees if necessary.

Outstaffing is a great opportunity for staff expansion. IT outstaffing enables the client to recruit employees from a specialized company in the IT field. In addition, due to a decrease in the number of staff, a reduction of rental fees, etc., the customer has the opportunity to reduce his expenses. According to research, in this case, savings of about 15 — 20% are achieved.

Outsourcing or outstaffing: what to choose?

Outsourcing is a good option if your company is not too technology-driven and you don’t have in-house specialists to oversee a remote development team. However, if you have already set up several IT processes and have everything you need to manage and work with a remote team, choose outstaffing.

But don’t forget — every case is unique! We recommend that you first consult with specialists. The PlaysDev team will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the most effective option for cooperation.

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