From robots to games. The story of a young developer.
posted on Tuesday,17, 2021
by Maria Kiseleva

Getting into the IT sphere is the dream of many young developers. This dream has come true for Alexey, and now he manages to develop his potential within the walls of PlaysDev. Alexey spoke about how he came from robotics to game development. Also, he advised those who want to connect their lives with the IT industry.

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— Tell me, how did it all start?

— My journey began with LEGO construction and childhood dreams. From the age of 7, I began to ask for a constructor as a gift for various holidays. Then a robotics section opened at the school, and I, without hesitation, went there. True, at the very beginning, my goal was not the opportunity to learn something new but ready-made models of robots that I could keep for myself. After some time, I liked the design process so much. And in three months, I completed the first year’s course, and then in 7 months — the second year’s course. As a result, the teacher decided to transfer me to the senior group.

A year after training in the section, my team and I took part in robotics competitions. Then there was participation in 4 more world competitions, where I twice entered the top 10 in the world in robotics.

At the age of 14, I decided to end my career in robotics and went into coaching, began to prepare younger guys for competitions. In the courses, we studied EV3 programming and robotics, namely competent assembly of robots, the use of various motors, sensors, and their integration into a single working network.

— How did you manage to combine study, work, and leisure?

— I chose between the most priority things for me and refused the most useless, as I thought at that time. It is why my school attendance was 75% absent. I attended school once a week and due to this I had free time. But I am not saying that you do not have to go to school! It is necessary to study the school curriculum. Even though I had problems with attending, I graduated from school with a GPA of 8.5.

mobile games, games developer, IT, app
Alexey’s work — robot for monitoring gardens and protecting them.

— You say you prioritized. How did you understand what was more important?

— I saw the final goal. As a child, I was an independent child. I am used to making my plans and implementing them. I got to study. I dealt with a new topic and homework. Of course, this did not happen all at once. Somewhere from the 7th grade, I began to learn to control myself. If he felt tired, he took time to recover his resources. As for work, there was a schedule that did not allow me to relax. I want to say that I am a super lazy person. But when I set a goal and see what advantages the result will bring me, I get motivated.

— What position do you occupy at PlaysDev? And how did you come from robotics to game development?

— At the moment, I am in the position of C # game-developer. And he left for gamedev because he realized that he had reached the ceiling in robotics. Competitions have become a routine for me. I was in the top 10 and felt that I had already done my best. Therefore, I decided to move on to a more challenging level. At that moment, I was studying C # just for robots. Then I decided that I should learn it for development and programming — DotNet and Gamedev.

— What attracted you to gamedev?

— I like to solve new problems. Especially if I come across a problem that I do not know how to solve, if it is still impossible to find the answer on the Internet,  I will be doubly happy about that. In this case, my goal is not only to do my job well but also to figure out on my own what I don’t know. I love the process of getting good results out of nothing. For example, you make some dummy from cubes or triangles. Then throw in graphics and see that in the end, you get something interesting.

— What inspires you?

— My goals. Before that, my mother was my inspiration because she is a very hardworking person. But then I realized that mom is a person who relies on intuition in everything. And I will process everything in my head ten times, and on the eleventh, I will issue a solution. And when I came to this realization, my goals and acquaintances, people who have achieved something in IT, became my inspiration.

— What is the secret of success at a young age?

— It is too early to decide on the choice of profession, life path, and who you see yourself in the future. You need to be a communicative person so as not to be afraid to make contact with different people, to be able to see their positions and understand how the adult world works. Then it will be easier to develop yourself.

— What problems did you face at the beginning of your career?

— Age and the lack of work in the portfolio compress the scope, and it is not easy to break into a large company. In my case, acquaintances helped me. Again, I return to the fact that it is valuable to know how to communicate with people, and it is needed to learn how to present yourself. Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype in the post-Soviet space — if you are under 18, you are still a child who knows nothing and cannot do anything. Therefore, at the very beginning, it is important to gather strength and understand that you will convince employers that your knowledge is enough for the job.

Such trivial but beneficial tips: get a good base of the language; constantly practice English; learn to behave like an adult. When you get a job at a company, your co-workers, who are likely to be older, should find it easy to get along with you.

game-developer, mobile games, developer

— How to build a good portfolio for young professionals?

— Working on your projects. It is clear that in this case, for example, there will be no good graphics. To avoid this, you should choose a direction where it will be easier to realize yourself, to begin with, where you will not need to use third-party resources, and your knowledge will be enough. Another option is freelancing. But from my own experience, I will say that this is not always the best solution.

— What do you think the IT-sphere will look like in 10 years?

— I think it will change a lot in terms of languages ​​implementation, methods, and various third-party plugins. I believe the old languages ​​will fade into the background, and others will take the leading positions. There will likely be innovations in the field of software and hardware. There is constant progress in this regard. As for technical advancement, I think phones will be made even thinner and larger. And indeed all equipment will become more powerful. But there probably won’t be any innovations.

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What OS do you prefer and why?

Windows. I have been using this OS all my life, and its functions are enough for my work.

What app, startup, a game that impressed you lately?

The game “Escape from Tarkov” impressed me the most. The creators have made realistic battles. The character can be killed from one cartridge, knocked out, or broken some part of the body — there may be various types of bleeding. There is no map in the game. There is a complete implementation of actual military operations. We can say that the developers have moved a little away from the genre and are gradually creating a new one.

For what do you have a lack of time?

Training and sleep. Sleep is the most important thing. To become a good IT guy, you need to sleep for 8 hours. If you sleep a little, fatigue will accumulate, which means that information will be absorbed worse.

What kind of superhero would you like to be? Why?

Flash. He succeeds everywhere and is easy to learn.

What are you playing now?

CS: GO, Escape from Tarkov and Rust.

Best Game of All Time?

World of Warcraft. This game has a large number of classes, an excellent balance of the game, monetization. Everything is done brilliantly, and the game itself is interesting. It would be interesting for me to participate in the creation of a game like that. Most likely in terms of the implementation of classes and characters.

What to read about game development? Your top.

«Unity and C #. Gamedev from idea to implementation», Bond D. G.

«Unity in Action by» H. Joseph.

«C # 7 and .NET Core. Cross-platform development for professionals», Price Mark.

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