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The career path

We care about a comfortable work environment. Through a robust hiring process, we hire innovators who are ready to implement new challenges in a friendly PlaysDev team.

If you are a student Our training laboratory is designed to train highly qualified professionals who are ready to conquer new heights. At PlaysDevLAB there are 3 technical areas in which you can realize your potential. All students who successfully complete the course get a place on the team.
If you are a specialist We care about the career and professional development of our specialists. We welcome and support the development of skills for everyone.

PlaysDev Lab

purple users icon Training center PlaysDev Lab is our training center dedicated to providing high-quality education to aspiring IT professionals. PlaysDev recruits new specialists for internships at our training center, where they are taught by our experienced and knowledgeable specialists. Our internship program is designed to give our interns hands-on experience and practical knowledge to prepare them for a career in IT. Upon successful completion of the internship, we offer our interns the opportunity to join our team as a full-time employee.
purple user icon Candidates Our training center seeks candidates who are students or recent graduates from technological universities with a strong technical background, good soft skills, and an English proficiency level of B1-B2. Our selection process is thorough and includes an initial screening with HR, a technical interview with the Lead of the lab, and a final evaluation by our HR team.
people's conversation icon The Learning Process Our internship program consists of 35 tasks, which cover a wide range of topics and provide a strong foundation of knowledge. Over the course of approximately 100 days, our interns work closely with our experienced specialists to develop their skills and gain hands-on experience. Our internship program has a proven track record of success, and we are proud to say that many of our interns have gone on to successful careers in IT after completing the program.
bag with documents icon Join Our Team Upon successful completion of the internship, which includes completing all assigned tasks, receiving positive feedback from both the Lead Lab and HR, and passing the minimum requirements for the final tests, our interns are offered the opportunity to join our team as full-time employees. We are proud to say that the chances of our interns finding a job with us are almost 100%, as long as they meet these requirements.

Our Comprehensive Training

Training and Support
Our training center is dedicated to providing the best possible education and support to our interns. We believe in conducting trainings, updating technical vision, and introducing new concepts to young minds to help them develop their skills and knowledge.
Constant Feedback
Throughout the internship program, we provide constant feedback to our interns to help them improve and prepare them for technical interviews for projects. We believe that continuous feedback is essential for personal and professional growth.
Technical Interview Preparation
We prepare our interns for technical interviews for projects. Our program includes training that is focused on preparing specialists who have already joined our team for technical interviews for projects.
Teaching Healthy Work Concepts
We focus on teaching healthy work concepts and patterns of behavior in stressful situations to help our interns succeed in their future careers. We believe that it is essential to prepare our interns for real-world situations.
Our mentors work directly with our interns, issuing tasks, holding daily meetings, and conducting knowledge control tests. Each mentor has their own personal approach, which allows them to bring the level of knowledge to a sufficient level for passing the final exams.
Evaluation and Feedback
We also monitor the evaluation of our interns throughout the training process, collect feedback, and communicate with them to provide support on their journey. We believe that feedback is essential for growth and improvement.
Soft Skills Training
Additionally, we offer soft skills training to our interns, covering topics such as communication with customers and the team, opening up at interviews. This helps our interns feel more confident during interviews and perform well despite any nerves.

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