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PlaysDev is an international IT-company with more than 300 successfully implemented projects in various industries. We work for results and will improve your business's efficiency and reduce costs using only quality and proven technologies. With each partner we build and maintain relationships of trust.
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We accelerate the development of our clients' business and take it to the next level with the help of information technologies. Based on the goals and challenges of the business, our specialists dive into the details and help find solutions that give fast and maximum effective results.

Solve your problems quickly and efficiently with PlaysDev


PlaysDev specialists have various technological backgrounds in more than 20 industries. We are fluent in English and easily get along with any of our partners. Our developers undertake projects at any stage and can solve not only set tasks, but also offer their own solutions for the optimization of your business.


Having gained and analyzed an extensive 4-year experience of successfully completed projects, our specialists offer only working solutions suitable for our clients’ business needs. By partnering with us, clients can expect not only successful project outcomes, but also ongoing support and guidance to help them achieve their long-term goals.


We ensure the transparency of the collaboration through regular reporting, demonstrations and client access to project tracking tools. Project maintenance and task management is done through JIRA and Confluence systems, allowing the client to always be aware of the progress of the project.


The pool of our specialists is wide meaning you will have an opportunity to choose a specialist based on your project’s objectives and your finance. We also guarantee confidentiality of the information we receive. And to protect our cooperation against disclosure of the important data we sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).
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Our team in numbers

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What we do


Our DevOps engineers carry out the following tasks:

  • Creating infrastructure from scratch
  • Implementing infrastructure-as-code
  • Cloud infrastructure management and performance optimization
  • Transition to the cloud for legacy systems
  • Transition from public cloud to private on-prem cloud infrastructure
  • Configuration management
  • Implementing of monitoring
  • Performing an audit of your infrastructure

Our team of back end developers assists businesses in the following tasks:

  • Web applications development
  • API development and integration
  • Backend refactoring
  • Cloud back-end solutions
  • Telegram chatbot development

Our mobile app development services include:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • BlockCross-platform App Development

UX/UI designers can get various tasks completed including:

  • Design mockups
  • User interface (UI) design
  • User experience (UX) design
  • Prototyping and testing
  • User experience analysis
  • Branding and style guide development
  • Collaborating with developers
  • Consultation and advice

Engagement Models

Fixed Bid

  • Suitable if: You have clear requirements and a detailed Scope of Work document.
  • After you state your requirements, we evaluate the scope of the work and define the cost of the project.
  • We then fix the cost of the project. Payment is charged for each completed project phase or for an entire completed project.

Time and Materials Contract (T&M)

  • Suitable if: Your project requires flexibility or you’re new to the industry and can’t make accurate estimates of costs and duration.
  • A Time and Materials contract is ideal for a project without a clear or accurate estimate of the time and costs involved. But there’s a fixed hourly rate for the labor involved.
  • Choosing T&M, you pay for the hours it takes to complete the project.

Dedicated Team

  • Suitable if: You have a large project that lasts 3 months or longer, but where requirements are unclear and vary with changes in the scope.
  • The Dedicated team format is convenient because the developers are provided with the necessary workload, and the project is controlled by the customer.
  • When a company needs to extend its developing teams, an outsourcing team of developers can be connected to a client’s team to perform high-quality projects.
  • The pricing model for dedicated teams is monthly payments based on team size that include fixed service costs.

Our Customers

Our Way

Our story began with the launch of a cyberpunk-style game. At that time our team of enthusiastic developers was not yet known as PlaysDev, but it was the development of a 3D arcade shooter game that gave impetus to our growth and led us to become the PlaysDev that exists today. Over time our team expanded and in 2018 Alexander, the founder of our company, decided to launch DevOps projects. By 2019 we had taken on our first project. Today the PlaysDev team has over a hundred specialists who develop high-demand software and provide advanced IT services to increase the efficiency of our clients’ businesses. Every day we strive to create a comfortable working atmosphere that encourages employee self-improvement.

A team that scales new heights

PlaysDev is a team of professionals. Our staff consists of only the best specialists who have been carefully selected and have outstanding soft skills and technical skills. We strive in every way to provide comfortable working conditions for our specialists, motivate their self-development. Together with us, our specialists improve their skills every day in an effort to become the best in their field.
If you decide to cooperate with us, you will definitely make the right choice!
Successful projects
Specialists in the team
Client locations
Solutions implemented

Nurturing talent

Our ways to invest in people and their development:

Conferences and events

We take part in thematic events and conferences, such as internal seminars, webinars and workshops.

Training center

We have our own educational laboratory, which trains top-notch professionals.


We run a blog where we post useful articles about the IT sphere and case studies.

Certification of employees

Our specialists confirm their competences with international certification.

Career Development Program

Our career development program offers transparent promotion according to the skills and experience gained.

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